The Rivoir-Concierge

To personally assist you in your jewellery purchase.

The Rivoir Concierge serves as a personal shopper, offering assistance and expertise. The information gathered here should aid you in the selection of the perfect piece of jewellery. Additionally our Rivoir experts are also available for a personal consultation via email or telephone.

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    Arrange an appointment at your convenience at your preferred jeweller’s, using the “buy locally” button. Experience the selected items of jewellery and receive expert consultation before you make your decision.

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    If the item of jewellery is to your liking, you can purchase it directly from the jeweller. However there is no obligation to buy.

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I am purchasing jewellery, what aspects must I consider?
When searching for the appropriate piece of jewellery, there are several obstacles which may be met. The Rivoir-Concierge is there to offer you professional assistance. Depending on the occasion, there are many different ways in which one can delight the recipient of the jewellery, or indeed oneself! For engagements, the classic solitaire ring is a popular choice. For impending nuptials we offer a selection of elegant wedding rings, that fit perfectly alongside the engagement ring. When choosing an appropriate pendant or earrings, one should take one’s time and receive a consultation from an expert. In cooperation with our partner jewellers we can offer you a solution tailored to your needs.
Which precious metal would best suit?
The occasion and the style of the recipient are both important criteria to consider when choosing a precious metal. We are happy to help you make the right selection, whether platinum, a type of gold, or silver.
What must I consider when choosing a diamond?
Our many years of experience enable us to offer you our in-depth knowledge and consultation when choosing a diamond. Please do not hesitate to contact on of our Rivoir Experts. You can find further information on our “Diamond Info” page.
What are the advantages of each setting style?
For diamonds and precious stones to shine in their full glory, they should be mounted in an appropriate setting. We are glad to help you make the right choice between prong, bezel, or channel settings.
I don’t know the ring size! How can I find out?
We are happy to show you how to find out the correct ring size. Please do not hesitate to contact us, in order to receive a free ring tape measure.