Taking responsibility

Rivoir has specialised in the manufacture of the finest pieces of jewellery – and takes the utmost responsibility in doing so.

Since the company was founded, the Rivoir brand has always stood for hand-made diamond jewellery of the highest quality. Furthermore, our aim is to be associated with fairness, sustainability and the adherence to social standards. As these values inform all our business activities, we therefore demand the same from our suppliers. Thereby we can guarantee an impeccable manufacturing process and workmanship as well as ensuring the peace of mind of our customers – assuring the quality of every process, from the mining of the materials right through to the purchase of our jewellery. To learn more about the ways in which we strive for a just distribution and and a cleaner environment, please read on.

Mission statement Hans Rivoir GmbH

Our core values

The basis of our work is respect for life and the nature that surrounds us. We take people seriously in their entirety of body, soul and spirit. We respect and support the observance of internationally recognized human rights, especially those of our employees and the business partners with whom we work.

We support the peaceful coexistence of all cultures and the opportunity for individual development for every person.

Within the scope of our possibilities, we want to actively contribute to the development of the community at our sites. We want to work with partners who do the same.

Our partners

We work together with people and organizations that assume social responsibility just as we do, regardless of origin or ideology. Whose goal is also a socially just society worth living in.

We are looking for people and organizations who want to achieve these goals with inventiveness, reliability and a willingness to perform.

How we want to work

We want to cooperate with our partners in an open, transparent, friendly and fast way with high quality.

We always want to achieve an excellent price-performance ratio.


We bring our professional, personal, social and entrepreneurial skills to our work and constantly develop them further.

We want to be open and honest with each other. We maintain a respectful dialogue. The leadership style is characterized by trust and is based on a holistic view of the human being. We want to involve those affected in decisions and communicate change processes transparently.


Our business management goal is the long-term safeguarding of our company and its continuous further development. This takes precedence over short-term profit maximization.


We are committed to a clean and safe environment and respect local and international environmental regulations and standards. We are able to effectively implement proper waste management with special attention to hazardous waste and emissions that cannot be disposed of in a legal manner. We support initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment, particularly through the use of environmentally friendly technologies.
Employees whose work has a direct impact on the environment are trained, competent, and have the resources necessary to perform their jobs.

Pforzheim, 09.12.2019
Stephan Rivoir

Rules of conduct of the supplier

HANS RIVOIR Ltd. undertakes to adhere to moral and ethical values in the management of the company. We expect our external suppliers to apply the same philosophy in running their own businesses.

We expect strict compliance with these standards by all our suppliers, their factories, subcontractors as well as their own suppliers. Please note that in the case where national and other applicable laws and the supplier’s code of conduct address the same issue, the regulation that sets the highest standard in the workplace shall apply.

If the Supplier’s rules of conduct are in conflict with applicable laws, the applicable law shall apply.

We strive to work with suppliers who agree to comply with the requirements of this Code of Conduct, which also adheres to the principles of the International Labor Organization Conventions, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines and the UN Global Compact.

Violation of these rules of conduct by our suppliers or their subcontractors will result in a review and possible termination of the business relationship.


Forced Labor: The use of forced labor by our suppliers, whether under threat of punishment, withholding of identification documents, forced posting of a bond or through other restrictions, is strictly prohibited.

Child labor: Work by children under the age of 15 is strictly prohibited. In countries where local laws require a higher age for child labor or require compulsory education beyond the age of 15, a higher age applies.

Harassment and Abuse: We expect our suppliers to treat their employees with respect and dignity. Our suppliers must not use or allow physical punishment, psychological or physical harassment, or other types of abuse.

Discrimination: We expect our suppliers to treat all employees equally and fairly. Subcontractors shall not discriminate in any way with respect to employment, access to training, promotion, or discharge on the basis of sex, race, religion, age, disability, gender orientation, political views, nationality, or social or ethnic origin.

Wages and benefits: At a minimum, our suppliers regularly pay wages and overtime at the legal rates established by law in the country of manufacture and provide their employees with the benefits required by law in each case. If there is no minimum wage or no payment for overtime in the country of origin, the supplier shall ensure that wages are at least equal to the average minimum in the respective industry and that payment for overtime is at least equal to ordinary payment. Deductions from wages may not be made for disciplinary purposes.

Working hours: Our suppliers observe the limits set by the laws of the country of manufacture with regard to working hours and overtime. Our suppliers are not allowed to work excessive overtime. The total number of hours worked per week, including overtime, may not exceed 60 hours and must include at least one day off within a 7-day period, or or in both cases must be equal to the maximum established by the laws in the respective country.

Freedom of Association: We expect our suppliers to respect and recognize the right of every employee to bargain, form or join unions of their choice without penalty, discrimination or harassment.

Health and Safety: Our suppliers provide a safe and healthy workplace with respect to the specific risks in their industry to prevent accidents or injuries caused by or related to work or equipment use. They implement systems to detect, prevent or neutralize threats to the health and safety of their employees and comply with applicable local and international regulations and laws. The same principles apply to suppliers who provide accommodations for employees.


We expect our suppliers, like ourselves, to be committed to a clean and safe environment. We support initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment, particularly through the use of environmentally friendly technologies. Our suppliers are committed to respecting local and international environmental regulations and standards. Our suppliers are able to demonstrate effective implementation of the following requirements:

Proper waste management with special attention to hazardous waste and emissions that cannot be disposed of in a legal manner.
Employees whose work has a direct impact on the environment are trained, competent, and have the resources necessary to perform their jobs.


Legal requirements: We expect our suppliers to comply fully with the law. Our suppliers comply with all national, local and international laws regarding the management of their companies.

Customs and security authorities: Subcontractors shall comply with applicable customs laws, including laws regarding importation and prohibition of transportation of goods into the importing country.

Subcontractors: Our suppliers obtain approval from HANS RIVOIR GmbH before subcontracting any part of their manufacturing process. Our approval is subject to subcontractors’ compliance with this Code of Conduct and all other applicable terms and conditions.

Anti-corruption: Our suppliers are committed to condemning and countering corruption in all its forms, including bribery and kickbacks.


Audit: We reserve the right to audit compliance with these rules and to conduct audits of compliance at any time without notice. Our suppliers provide us with the necessary information and grant us access to the representatives who are to demonstrate compliance with the requirement of this Code of Conduct. These undertake to improve and correct any deficiencies discovered.

Access to Information: Supplier shall maintain proper records to demonstrate compliance with this Code of Conduct. Our suppliers provide our representatives with access to complete and accurate original files.

Pforzheim, October 2019
Stephan Rivoir

Annual management report



Positioning as an ethical and sustainable manufactory for brands.


Define roles and align salary structure with them. This is intended to make salaries equal regardless of gender or “negotiating skills.”

Friends of Rudolf Steiner’s Art of Education e.V.

For several years we have been supporting the “Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners [Friends of Rudolf Steiner’s Art of Education]” association, which is dedicated to the promotion of education, popular and vocational training, including student aid, as well as charitable and scientific purposes. This includes projects all over the world that are run in the spirit of Waldorf education. Supporting disadvantaged children and young people in socio-political hotspots around the world is a particular concern of ours.

Hans Rivoir Foundation

In accordance with its statutes, the foundation established by Hans Rivoir promotes public health, culture, education and training, especially in our region. Donations were made to medico international, the Öschelbronn Clinic Association, the Society for the Promotion of Cancer Therapy in Öschelbronn, the Association for the Promotion of the Osterfeld House of Culture in Pforzheim, the Association for the Promotion of Anthroposophical Medicine in Witten, the Eugen Kalisko Academy in Filderstadt and the Horizonte Bergisch Land Association (assisted living for disabled people).

RJC Certification

RJC is the global membership and standards organization for responsible jewelry throughout the supply chain – from mine to retail.
Certification is targeted for the 4th quarter of 2023.

You can find more information here:

Making a commitment

We love to enjoy the finer things in life. However, we never lose sight of our commitments.


We not only want to enjoy the privilege of being able to create fine jewellery, but also want to give something back to society. Rivoir’s founder Hans Rivoir has realised this very early on and started his foundation, aiming to support important aspects of life in the local area and beyond. The donations above all benefit the society for the advancement of cancer therapy in Öschelbronn and the local clinical association, but also the supporting association for the arts and leisure centre Osterfeld in Pforzheim and many other organisations and associations. We are convinced that we are contributing in a meaningful way towards raising the quality of life in respect to the future prospects and the cultural life of our fellow citizens.

Setting an example

We have found our calling in the manufacture of jewellery. In order for us to be able to continue preserving this traditional craft, we hand down our knowledge and expertise to young craftspeople.


In order to secure the future of our guild, we have been training young people to become jewellers ever since our firm was founded. Our jewellery pieces fascinate people through their timelessness and impeccable craftsmanship.

We strive to train young people with the relevant talent and a fascination for the craft. This requires a lot of diligence, love of art and artisan skill – on both sides. We see it as our obligation to hand down the tradition of our craft and the dedication to jewellery to the next generation, setting a good example and passing on our passion.

Embracing diversity

The jewellery pieces by RIVOIR carry within themselves a long history of collaboration between various craftspeople and artisans.


Before you hold your favourite piece of jewellery in your hands, a great number of people in different countries have worked to create it: from the mining of the raw materials to the final polish. We pay close attention to only working with organisations and individuals that show the same appreciation for the work and the manufacturing process that we do.

This entails not only their work ethic, reliability and creativity, but also their responsible commitment to ensuring a socially fair and decent, pleasant environment for the teams in the respective production facilities and in the various countries.


Offering reliability

Our family business has been located in the centre of Pforzheim, Germany’s “Golden City”, and has been offering the highest quality ever since.


The passion for the craftsmanship of the jewellers and goldsmiths rubbed off from its founder Hans Rivoir on his entire family. After 46 years as a successful company, it was handed down to his son Stephan Rivoir in 2002 and is being continued with the same dedication and fervour. The preservation of our company culture is closely linked to the goals we aspire to. This is why we would like to continuously develop, in order to always be able to meet our own high standards.

Keeping promises

We love our work and create each and every piece of our timeless jewellery with dedication and attention to detail.


We continue the centuries old tradition of the jeweller’s art, that is characterised by precision, attention to detail and patience. It is those we make by hand that result in excellent items of jewellery, which make a statement, nestle up to our skin and make the world shine a little bit more brightly. Living up to this aspiration is an enormous challenge that we accept anew each and every day, with both a sense of responsibility and great enthusiasm.

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