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Diamonds by RIVOIR are timeless statement pieces for the woman who knows her worth. Reminiscent of a leisurely stroll across the Champs-Élysées or an indulgent sunbath on the beaches of St. Martin, RIVOIR diamonds are expressively and faultlessly feminine. No matter the occasion, rest assured they’ll rise to it. Like no other, RIVOIR embodies the eclectic esprit of the modern woman: both cheerful and chic; firmly grounded in love, yet larger than life – all encapsulated in a single piece of iridescent joy. The RIVOIR identity is shaped by a legacy of craftsmanship, infused with the unbearable lightness of being. Our diamonds are precious tokens of love, sourced from quality suppliers and crafted with the utmost care and precision. At RIVOIR, we are firmly committed to delivering this promise of excellence and (de)light to our most discerning customers all over the world.

Full of light – full of life – full of love


In 1954, Hans RIVOIR established his namesake company as a jewellery trading business in the heart of Pforzheim, Germany’s “Golden City”. Spurred on by the post-war ‘economic miracle’, RIVOIR underwent a powerful period of steady growth and development in the 1950s and 1960s. Known for supreme precision and reliability, RIVOIR’s enterprise soon earned the trust and admiration of numerous jewellers both at home and abroad. Right from the start, RIVOIR was driven by exceptional creativity, the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, and the joined expertise of Pforzheim’s best goldsmiths and stone setters. As a result, the jewellery wholesaler soon grew into one of the region’s leading goldsmith studios.

Having held the reins for nearly five decades, Hans RIVOIR passed on the legacy to son Stephan RIVOIR in 2002, thereby ensuring RIVOIR’s continued existence as an independent family business. At RIVOIR, our staff actively shape and maintain the long-term focus of our corporate culture. Many of our loyal employees have been with us for decades and are deeply committed to RIVOIR’s key values and brand promise. As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council we practice an uncompromising adherence to responsible ethical, social and environmental practices along the entire jewellery supply chain. In the foreseeable future we aim to further strengthen our position as the partner of choice in diamond jewellery.


At RIVOIR, we are firmly committed to meticulous excellence. Our aim is to create 100% German-made, hand-finished jewellery that adheres to highest standards of quality and design. Dependability coupled with a joie de vivre that stems from sincere passion – that is the essence of RIVOIR. RIVOIR’s head office is located in the “Golden City” of Pforzheim, at the northern gateway to the Black Forest. To this day, every single step in the manufacture of our cast jewellery is performed on site. Our team of specialists are in the business of crafting jewellery of the highest quality standard. With joint competence, they continually endeavour to improve and enhance the production process while preserving a whole set of almost-forgotten traditional skills. We foster innovation by encouraging and nurturing creative teamwork at all levels. We train young apprentice craftspeople to preserve and pass on the diverse skillset that forms the foundation of RIVOIR’s ongoing success.

Rivoir diamonds

We’re in the business of turning light into love. After all, diamonds truly are forever. In our stunning and distinctive collections we celebrate all emotional facets of love and devotion. But what makes a RIVOIR diamond so exceptional? The answer is as simple as it is difficult to emulate: Impeccable clarity coupled with excellent cutting and finishing. The outcome is a blinding, unparalleled luminosity that has long been our signature trademark. It is thanks to the unmatched expertise of our very own jewellery studio that we are able to reliably deliver on our brand promise. Our craftspeople are all united in their passion for light, au courant design and traditional craftsmanship. This common enthusiasm is our raison d'être and forms the basis of many long-standing partnerships with friends and business partners. We take pride in what we do and love to share our passion with others – all in the light of collaboration and partnership across the globe.


Rivoir assumes particular responsibility in the manufacture of its own products.

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